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Have ever been too familiar with modern wars where you are well equipped with advanced guns, battleships, tanks, cannons, launchers, bombs, and other equipment items? Time to chang [...]
Minecart Clicker does give every participant a chance to become the richest people around the world! Don't slip the opportunity out of your hands and accompany us to the new editio [...]
Hey, make no scruple to enjoy Match Craft – a new style of Minecraft match game! The best way to win the game is to make the longer combination of the identical 3D Minecraft Voxel [...]
Steve of DefendCraft today makes a choice to unearth the world of blocks, called Minecraft! Wish to become his companion? You'll enjoy a lot of memorable experience for sure! Wonde [...]
Welcome all game lovers to Dragon Ball Jump – a cool and terrific game! Not only savoring memorable moments, but you can also have a great chance to check your true ability. Swiftl [...]
Want to know how skillful, clever, and careful you are? Crappy Bird is truly the best choice at that time. No time to hesitate anymore, guys! Tap Start button and savor the game's [...]
How fresh today is! That's why you should not miss a chance to go fishing together with Mr. Bean – your idol. I think that most of the kids worldwide know him clearly. Nimbly jump [...]
Minecraft Company Dream V1.0 is here to check your skills at running a shop on your own! Get ready to become a boss! Let's go! Today, Steve is busy for another project; that's why [...]
Welcome you all to Snail Bob 2, all Bob fans! What to expect from the second version? I bet that nothing is greater than entering the playfield for the final answer! Bob is honorab [...]
Get yourself immersed into Bomb It 2 – the next version of Bomb It series. If you have ever been familiar with the classic bomber man, the content of Bomb It 2 won't be quite stran [...]
Without a doubt, Gold Miner is a terrific occasion for every gamer to become a good miner who makes an exciting and thrilling adventure to find and collect valuable gold ores. Prom [...]
Spend your leisured time in becoming the pioneer of a new game spiced with the TD style, namely Simioscraft Defense! The game is not only absorbing, but also combined with the big [...]
Dear boys! Have you ever enjoyed CastleMine – a magnetic fusion of Minecraft and TD? It is amusing without a doubt, right? Swiftly set up the strategy TD deployment to struggle aga [...]
Unlike other games, Flight is a sad story about an orphan named Sandy, who has no chance seeing her mom on Christmas day. Now, use your talent to help her! Quick! Can't let this mi [...]
Let's save the day by playing Stick War 2, fellows! In this 2nd installment, you'll continue be a talented commander in The Stickman World. What are you waiting for? Enjoy now! Jus [...]
Welcome you all to Learn To Fly 2 – the 2nd installment of the Learn To Fly series, all game-addicts! If you're dying to see Penny again, don't skip this latest edition. Here we co [...]
It seems a pity to ignore a chance to discover Battle Gear 2 – a fantastic action game. Wish to try it now? Press the Start button to enter the most thrilling battles here. Firstly [...]
Many cool things are waiting for your exploration in Stick War – a popular game about stickmen! Play it right now! What should do during the gameplay? At first, please hire miners, [...]
Land on Zombie Tactics to support poor people there to battle against a large wave of the bloodthirsty creature – the zombies, guys! Can you handle this tough duty well? Take actio [...]
Finally, it's time for us to present Clicker Heroes to you! In this idle-click game, you need to carry out several activities like clicking items and upgrading tools to collect mon [...]

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