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Paper Minecraft v11.3

If you have ever played Paper Minecraft, don’t miss a chance to conquer its brand-new update, namely Paper Minecraft v11.3! Hey, we bet that you will be engrossed with a new expedition where a lot of cliffhanging features are waited to be explored! Let us witness your spectacular performances.

Just keep in mind 2 must-do tasks! The initial job revolves around constructing what you have dreamt of. Then, survive at night as long as possible when the ugly monsters do come out. How to become the brave survivor? Consider building a shelter where Steve is able to hide himself from any fierce attack. Besides, it is equally essential to carry out other extra missions, i.e. maneuvering him somewhere to mine and gather resources, instructing him the way to craft items and tools or learn the recipe from the Inventory, and so on!

Have an enjoyable moment with Paper Minecraft v11.3!

How to play

The 1 to 9 keys: Pick up items, mine/place blocks.
E key: Open/Close the Inventory.
WASD keys: Swim/jump/walk.
The E key + hover: Open/close a chest and craft table, furnace/door.
F key: Eat food.
Spacebar key: Drop a single tile from a stack whilst dragging.
N key: Label a sign/chest.
Q key: Drop item.

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Paper Minecraft v11.3, 10.0 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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