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Aliens from the outer planets are going to conquer the Earth, so humankind is making a plan for the battle against them. Today, some of aliens are penetrating into the military fac [...]
Know what? Zombie Raider - a shooting strategy Minecraft game – has been released today. Be a soldier and fight against a bunch of zombies to bring peace to Minecraft city, guys. H [...]
Hey, fighters! Time to destroy all mobs in Minecraft Mob Arena ! These deadly creatures are surrounding to destroy the world and hurting poor people. There's no time for hesitating [...]
If you’re a loyal Minecraft fan, don’t let Steve (a main character) fall into any trouble. Right now, please set your foot into Minecraft Avoider and bring him out of a blockage of [...]
Waking up after the deep coma, Steve is very shocked to realize that his surroundings are totally strange. There are high walls, big houses, buildings, streets, and other construct [...]

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